Fr. Dr. Boby John SDB


Director’s  Message

Don Bosco was a great educationist whose system of education is known as the “Preventive System of Education”. It is based on the three principles of Reasonableness, Religiosity and Loving Kindness. Don Bosco would say, “It is enough that you are young for me to love you”. It was not a peripheral love, but a love that was focused on the development of the students. He would do anything and everything that helped the integral formation of the students. He loved them, cared for them, was strict with them. He spent his entire life for the growth and development of young people. He would write,” For you I study, for you I work, for you I am ready even to lay down my life.” We are trying to follow the preventive system of education of Don Bosco, spending our time and energy for the integral formation of young people. Every student has infinite potentials and the duty of every teacher and mentor is to bring out the best of each student, accompanying him or her to maturity.