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Bosco Campus Vision is the Campus TV that has wide variety of programs created and edited by the talented students of the college. It is a great platform for the students to bring to maturity their talents and skills.

BOSCO CAMPUS VISION is an initiative taken by the Rev Fr. Shajan Noronha, Vice Principal, Don Bosco College Kottiyam. It is an internet-based infotainment service. Campus TV airs short films and programs done by the students during the course of their study at Don Bosco College. It also carries tutorials, seminars and subjects of interest in short concise packages. Moreover, Campus TV covers all major college events, entertainment programs. The staff in-charge guides them with content and ideas. The entire planning, production and streaming are all done by the students with the help of the technical staff Mr. Archith M. P.. This not only taps into their creativity, but also helps them hone their skills and prepare themselves to meet the Media industry head-on.


BOSCO CAMPUS VISION has its own state of the art Media Room. The Media room of the Don Bosco College is set up as a mini studio to record, edit and shoot the creative programs of the students for the Bosco Campus TV.